News flash! The Kerplunks fancy new website is almost finished!!! It looks fantastic and we’re really enjoying working with Anthony Clark.

Well, Dinah and Tina of The Kerplunks are off to Edmonton in a few weeks to attend the Gala Awards Ceremony for the Western Canadian Music Awards!! It’s really exciting and we’re pumped. There are some incredible musicians nominated for all sorts of awards, check them out at We’ll be hangin’ and hobnobbin’ with all sorts of people in the music industry and seeing some live shows! Being a professional musician is super-duper fun-on-the-run!

Stay tuned for the new website and pictures from the Western Canadian Music Awards! In the meantime, don’t forget that you can check out our MySpace site for music, videos and more. Did you know we’ve got a page on Facebook? We’ve also got a new fan group on Facebook, join here.

Thanks so much for all your support! Wish us luck at the WCMA!

Tina and Dinah