Shout outs from our followers!

I luvd yor music. I heard you in Port Alice.

Dear Kerplunks – I am a grandma doing childcare for her 20 month grandson three mornings a week. During that time, in my home and in my car, I play your CDs. I call him my honey bee, and that is our song. I have so many favourite songs, I couldn’t begin to name them all. I want to thank you for giving me the childhood I never had. Even when my grandson is not in the car, I crank up the sound, and let it rip. Deep Bows.

Wow! What a positive show, can’t wait to see you again soon! You guys rock the house. Way cool.
Matt, Nicole & Tess

We loved the way that music, movement and musical instruments were introduced to the children… remarkable, energetic!
Paula, Steve, Reece & Connor

What a fantastic experience my children and for that matter, the whole family had. So much fun!
Tanya, Tim, Isaiah & Sadie

…always a hit in my home, at my work and in my heart!”
Janis Joseph

mother of 4 kids raised to The Kerplunks’ music.

Your music is a part of the fabric of our lives.
Chloe Straw

mother of 4yr old

To the Kerplunks, It was fun to share the stage with you at Music Fest. I really enjoyed your show and interaction with the kids. I hope that our paths will cross again soon. Good luck and continued success. Love and Four Hugs

“I am an adult and I use my friends kids as excuses to come to your shows… The Kerplunks are magic!”


an ECE