We are really pleased to launch our brand new website. New colors, new design, new everything! And this is our brand new official Blog…just working out the kinks. At the bottom of the page, you can see links to the guys who helped in the redesign- Tim Gambrill designed the site and Anthony Clark made it  living, breathing, and functioning! Good job, Anthony and Tim!!
We are brimming over with lots of news that all seems equally important:

~2010 JUNO Nomination for our second album Walk On. This is our second JUNO nomination for our second album… we’re feeling very honored, indeed!
~ We’ll be playing for the JUNOs at an all nominees showcase with Bobs & Lolo, The Bees Knees and Charle Hope. All of us gal nominees have gotten together to plan wee party on the other coast of Canada (with Aaron and Phil)! Details to come…
~ Our summer and fall are just starting to book up now so keep an eye out on our new gigs listings calendar for exciting shows, maybe even in your town!https://thekerplunks.com/shows/
~ We are in the recording studio working on our third album, titled “Number 3”. It’s going to be grand! Our friend Rick Salt(our co-producer) says it’s our Sgt Peppers…cute!
~ We are making a music video of a song called Vowels that will be featured on our new album, Number 3. Keep an eye out!
~ JOIN OUR MAILING LIST!! This is the best way to be the first to find out about our most exciting news, gigs in your area, and so much more! We also love fanmail! https://thekerplunks.com/contact/
~ Check out the shop on our site- it has our fancy new T SHIRTS! Many colors, many sizes from 2T to Men’s 3X. We’re not messing around- we have a shirt for you!  https://thekerplunks.com/shop-2/
~ Two of the awards we have been nominated for in the last few months have People’s Choice Voting happening right now! Be heard, vote for us! The Independent Music Awards have a Vox Populi Jukebox where you can go, listen to our song and vote for us…Album: http://turl.ca/thekerplunksalbumima and Song:http://turl.ca/thekerplunksimajukebox The International Songwriting Competition has a People’s Choice. Click here, use your email address to sign in and they take votes daily until March 31st, 2010  http://turl.ca/thekerplunksiscvote
Have fun wandering the web and can’t wait to see you out to a show really soon!
Dinah,Tina, Aaron and Phil