Meet the Kerplunks

The Kerplunks are Canadian children’s entertainers bringing high-energy, colourful performances to the stage. The Kerplunks play catchy self-penned original tunes guaranteed to get kids engaged, singing along and joining in on the actions.

They have enjoyed a 14 year career playing some of Canada’s finest festivals, theatres and schools. This multi-award winning band provides a unique live performance with a full four-piece multi-instrumental band, playing a variety of upbeat musical styles that even parents enjoy. You’ll hear engaging songs that get the whole family on their feet moving and joining in on the actions.

Kid Content, Grown-Up Groove!

Dinah D

Dinah D plays the Upright Bass live on stage with The Kerplunks. At home and in the studio she plays approximately 20 other instruments. Dinah loves her Fun Farm with chickens, ducks and bees, and she spends much of her time drinking earl grey tea, tending the garden and playing with the cats. Dinah also loves songwriting, printmaking with lino and making felted clothes with wool.

Jojo Hallett

Jojo loves playing keyboard, trumpet and singing with the Kerplunks. Jojo also plays melodica, trombone and guitar and likes to write and record songs in her mini-recording studio on Gabriola Island. Jojo loves shiny stickers, costumes and colourful glitter and has extra of all of these things so that she can share them with others. Jojo has two fluffy cats named Bix and Mrs. Chippy who get up to all kinds of adventures. Meow.

Aaron Cadwaladr

Aaron likes to spend his time playing the guitar and making forts. He lives on the beach with his family, their Mexican streetdog and their pet fancy rats. When he is not making forts he likes to go out in his boat and play in the ocean – watching the waves and following the fish.

Phil Wipper

Phil loves to count. 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4. Good thing he’s a drummer!! He lives in Nanaimo with his family and their dog and cat. When he’s not busy playing music, he’s usually cooking up something delicious or out riding his B.I.C.Y.C.L.E.