Kerplunks Finalists for Song Contest

April 4th, 2012

We are finalists in the Special Music Category of the Great American Song Contest for our song  ”Honeybee“!

Too exciting…we are buzzing with the news:

Cheers everyone!

The Kerplunks

DVD Pre-sales- get yours now!

January 9th, 2012

Hey Kerplunkity Friends!

We are pleased to announce that our DVD (titled GET CREATIVE) is nearly finished! 

We are selling pre-release gift certificates to our coolest fans! This way, you can receive your copy of the upcoming DVD before anyone else does!

The Kerplunks made music videos for 10 of our favourite songs and put them all on this DVD…BICYCLE, WALK ON, EGGS, and so many more…

Every pre-sale you buy gets us closer to our finished product- yay!  The price of a pre-sale GET CREATIVE DVD is $25. Please go to our Contacts page and send us an email- we will respond to you ASAP with further instructions! Fun!

Happy New Year from The Kerplunks


Honeybee 2nd place 2010 ISC

November 3rd, 2010

Our hit song, Honeybee from our album Number 3 has won yet another award! The International Songwriting Competition have honoured The Kerplunks with 2nd place…this is great! Thanks ISC


January 14th, 2009

Hey fans !!The Kerplunks have a new album in the works! We already have 8 songs recorded and the sessions have been fun and exciting!!
Here are some photos from our big recording session…..
At this rate we will have a shiny new album in our mitts by the summer
< –Tina Jones and our engineer Rick Salt

Dinah D and our awesome
drummer Phil Wipper–>

< –Aaron Cadwaladr, our guitar meastro!

The Kerplunks win CFMA – Children’s Album of The Year 2008!!

November 25th, 2008

Hey Fans !!!
We won the Canadian Folk Music Award for best “Children’s Album of The Year 2008“!!!!!!!!!!

NFLD was incredible- there was so much to do and see…..
Here is a link to our pre-win interview with Lynn Thompson of CHLY’s “Living On Purpose” show!

And here’s a photo taster of our trip: a picture of the victorious Kerplunks with Canadian media icon Shelagh Rogers
for more pictures of NFLD and our trip go to our website( find our flickr photo site(hint:look underground!) Have Fun!!

here’s the link for the CFMAs website- see who else won in Canada!

man, this whole world conquering quest is exhausting!
We thank you all and love you all!!!

The Kerplunks