We are so proud of our new album “Pants & Mammals”!

The Kerplunks are multi-award winning children’s entertainers bringing high-energy, colourful performances to the stage- with outfits that match! The Kerplunks play catchy tunes guaranteed to get kids engaged, singing along and joining in on the actions. Dinah plays the upright bass and really belts it out! She also plays the kazoo like a madwoman! Tina plays the trumpet, trombone, clarinet, baritone and also sings. Watch out for when she busts a rhyme, yo! Phil plays the drums, keeping everyone in time and really likes to “Go Bananas”. Aaron plays the acoustic guitar, sings harmonies and makes great faces.

he Kerplunks have been busy playing some of Canada’s finest music festivals, theatres and schools. This three-time JUNO nominated band provides a unique live performance with a full four-piece multi-instrumental band, playing a variety of upbeat musical styles that even parents enjoy. You’ll hear engaging songs that get the whole family on their feet moving and joining in on the actions. Kid content, grown-up grooves!

Dinah D (Big D)

dinahDinah D (Big D) is an upright bassist and singer, but she can play lots of other instruments like the banjo, mandolin, guitar, piano and kazoo. Dinah really lays down the foundation with her Big String Bass! A great birthday gift for Dinah would be a nice new metal kazoo!!

Tina Jones (Madge)

tinaTina Jones (Madge) is the horn honkin, song singin’ Kerplunk. She can often be found at the front of any stage marching, clapping, and keeping the energy high with her trumpet, trombone or clarinet.  A good birthday gift for Tina would be a set of ukulele strings or some valve oil for her trumpet.

Aaron Cadwaladr (Caddie)

aaronAaron Cadwaladr (Caddie) is a fabulous guitarist and singer. He is an accomplished musician and can be seen rockin’ the rhythm and guitar riffs on stage! Aaron also stars in many of The Kerplunks’ music videos.  A good birthday gift for Aaron would be a set of guitar strings!

Phil Wipper (Chillups)

philPhil Wipper (Chillups) is the intrepid drummer for The Kerplunks. He keeps The Kerplunks on track by holding down the beats and writing all our set lists. A good gift for Phil is a new set of drumsticks- he goes through a lot!